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The new ORG 7 310 has exceptional power with a large sweet spot making strokes almost effortless. It also includes the Bio Sensor Dampening System that increases dampening by 85% VS the competitors. The additional 15 grams from it’s younger 295 gram brother provides increased drive and plow through the ball. The 1/3 inch longer length provides extra snap on serves and reach for for penetrating defensive shots.

Grip Size 1-5
Item Number V13317
Head Size 671cm² | 104in²
Cross Section 24mm
Weight 309g | 10.9oz
Length 69.3cm | 27.3in
Balance 32.5cm | 1in HL
String Pattern 16x19 PCP
String Tension 24(±3)kg | 53(±7)lbs
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