V-Feel V1 OS

The V-Feel V1 OS is a unique racquet, ideal for players looking for performance and comfort in an oversize head. The V-Feel V1 OS is the newest iteration of the Vario Series developed by Volkl engineers to create the highest performance, most comfortable oversize racquet possible. Vario Beam design helps filter out vibration while giving outstanding feedback.

The V-Feel V1 OS also features REVA, VTEX butt cap, Super Grommets and V- Sensor Handle for great feel. It weighs 285g / 10.1oz, has a 710cm2 / 110in2 head, 26-23-29mm Vario beam with a 70cm / 27.6in length and a 32.5cm / 1.0in head light balance. It has a 16x19 string pattern.

The V-Feel V1 OS, with its extended length, is a fast swinging racquet which has great spin potential and big power on serves and groundstrokes. It is extremely stable with a huge sweet spot that gives players of all levels the confidence to play their best while having an extremely comfortable feel. *


*Racket comes unstrung.


Grip Size 1-5
Item Number


Head Size 710cm² | 110in²
Cross Section 26-23-29mm
Weight 285g | 10.1oz
Length 70cm | 27.6in
Balance 32.5cm | 1in HL
String Pattern 16x19 PCP
String Tension 25(±2)kg | 55(±5)lbs

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