V-Sense 10 Tour Player Stock

The V-Sense 10 Tour (Almagro spec) is a thin, 19mm beam traditional player’s racquet. These racquets have been customized with lead tape and black leather grips to Nicolas Almagro’s specs and now that he has retired we are making them available to the public.

The V-Sense 10 Tour (Almagro spec) features the V-Sensor Handle which helps eliminate bad vibration and enhance feel.  It uses C3 carbon fiber material which is made using tri-carbon paper, cellulose fibers, carbon nanotubes, graphen nano platelets (GNP) and carbon black - an extremely high end carbon fiber construction.  It also has Super Grommets for great feel and Power Bridge at the throat. It weighs 350g / 12.3oz, has a 630cm2 / 98in2 head with a 68.5cm / 27in length and a 31.1cm / 12.25in head light balance. It has a 16x19 string pattern.

The The V-Sense 10 Tour (Almagro spec) is a high performance PLAYER STOCK racquet.  In the hands of an experienced player it can give incredible control.  The weight and balance give players with fast swing speeds the spin and pace they need to win long rallies from the baseline.*

*Racket comes unstrung.

Grip Size 3
Item Number V17120.3
Head Size 630cm² | 98in²
Cross Section 19mm
Weight 350g | 12.3oz
Length 68.5cm | 27in
Balance 31.1cm | 12.25in HL
String Pattern 16x19 PCP
String Tension 25(±2)kg | 55(±5)lbs

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