V-Feel 1


The V-Feel 1 is the most uniquely engineered racquet on the market! That is evident from the Power Arm located in the throat of the racquet. Power Arm, engineered in Germany, gives the racquet a mechanical advantage. Upon ball impact the Power Arm moves freely allowing the string bed more movement than a traditional throat design for more power. The Power Arm’s movement also absorbs more vibration giving a more dampened feel with less shock through wrists, arms and shoulders.

The V-Feel 1 also features REVA, V-Cell material, V-Sensor Handle and VTEX butt cap for great feel. It weighs 255g / 9oz with an extended length of 70.5cm / 27.8 in, a 740 cm2 / 115 in2 head, 27-29mm tapered beam and a balance of 35.5cm / 0.1in head heavy with a 16 x 17 string pattern for incredible spin potential.

The V-Feel 1 is Volkl’s most comfortable and powerful racquet.*


*Racket comes unstrung.


Grip Size 1-5
Item Number


Head Size 740cm² | 115in²
Cross Section 27-29mm
Weight 255g | 9oz
Length 70.5cm | 27.8in
Balance 35.5cm | 0.1in HL
String Pattern 16x17 PCP
String Tension 24(±2)kg | 53(±5)lbs

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