V-Feel 10 320g


The V-Feel 10 320g is a thin beam traditional player’s racquet. The head size, flex, tapered beam design and handle system come together to form a comfort- able racquet for players who enjoy the feel and weight of a thinner beam player’s racquet.

The V-Feel 10 320g also features REVA, VTEX butt cap, Super Grommets and V-Sensor Handle for great feel. It weighs 320g / 11.3oz, has a 630cm2 / 98in2 head, 20-21-20mm tapered beam with a 68.5cm / 27in length and a 31.5cm / 1.1in head light balance. It has a 16x19 string pattern.

The V-Feel 10 320g is a high performance racquet with precision control and the stability that only comes with more mass behind the ball. That mass gives great feel and makes this racquet lethal in advanced players hands. Players looking for a racquet to blunt opponent’s power and return shots with pace will find the V- Feel 10 320g the ultimate weapon. *


*Racket comes unstrung.


Grip Size 1-5
Item Number



Head Size 630cm² | 98in²
Cross Section 20-21-20mm
Weight 320g | 11.3oz
Length 68.5cm | 27in
Balance 31.5cm | 1.1in HL
String Pattern 16x19 PCP
String Tension 25(±2)kg | 55(±5)lbs

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