High school student-athletes show off their games at USP showcase in New England

High school student-athletes show off their games at USP showcase in New England

Tucked away by the New England seaside lies the MAC Academy. A couple of times each quarter, USP (University Sports Program) hosts a showcase featuring top junior players from around the world. The up-and-coming teenagers played with grit on the indoor courts, showing off their most competitive side to impress college coaches who may have never seen them play live before. A college scholarship could very well have been on the line.

“The showcase serves as a way of college coaches and players to connect, having the players play in front of them,” says USP Showcase Coordinator Carlos Onate, who’s been in this position since 2015. “At a showcase, it’s all about interaction; if you’re an ‘under the radar’ player, now you have a big shot with a coach here to open the possibilities for you!”

USP is a college recruiting agency and consulting company helping kids from the United States and international students find their ideal match in the way of college athletics and the schools overall as a match for them. In essence, USP serves as the middle man before the college coach and the prospective student-athletes.

Prior to taking the courts by storm in team singles and doubles matches, a few of the tournament organizers as well as legendary Harvard men’s tennis coach Dave Fish inspired the players to bring out the best in themselves through self-motivation tactics. Once the games began, college coaches from near and far (from BYU to Goucher College and many more) began scouting for talent complementing their growing roster of student athletes.

In between matches, Volkl’s Cliff and Liz spoke with many participants about what they’re looking for in their next racquet. The V-Cells and 50th anniversary zebra-style reboots were on full display for everyone to check out and try out on the courts. Toward the end of the two-day showcase, players clocking the fastest serves of any of the participants and who were deemed “MVPs” for their respective teams were awarded complimentary prizes courtesy of Volkl Tennis! As for the next USP showcase, it’s happening at the Emilio Sanchez Academy in Naples after Thanksgiving this year!