For any warranty issues, please refer to your retailer where you purchased your merchandise.

  • >>Retail will send the racquet to the manufacturer for evaluation, determination can take up to 6 weeks once received.
  • >>All new racquets have a 1-year manufacturers warranty against defects from original purchase date.
  • >>Defective replacements are at the exclusive discretion of the manufacturer.
  • >>If the manufacturer does not replace your racquet, it will be returned to you along with an explanation from the manufacturer.
  • >>Racquets that have been mistreated, misused, damaged from heat, customized, etc. will not be replaced.
  • >>If purchased racquet is no longer available, the most updated model of that racquet will be sent as replacement.
  • >>Bags have a 30-day warranty from the point of purchase.
  • >>Strings, Grips, Misc. products do not have a warranty.