Racquet Spotlight Series

Racquet Spotlight Series

V-Cell 6 is my big hero

By Liz Kobak
Feb. 11, 2022

Choosing a racquet is a very personal decision. Whether you want to be armed with a lighter racquet for quick power, or a heavier racquet for precise control, or you don’t yet know what you want, the selection process can be daunting. The question often remains: Did I choose the best racquet for me?

It’s a hard question to answer. But when it comes to Volkl tennis racquets, there’s at least one designed for every type of tennis player regardless of level, playing style, and aspirations. I’ve been playing with Volkl for the last 20+ years and, while my game has changed a lot over that period, there has always been a Volkl racquet to match.

Lately I’ve played with the V-Cell 6, since it was introduced to the market around two years ago. My initial attraction to the V-Cell 6 was its colors (I was a C10 pro tour player back in my former full-time playing days – still a gorgeous yellow). The bright white and red color palette evoked the character Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6. Without spoiling the plot (though you should see the movie), Baymax is a robot invented with the purpose of being a doctor of sorts—he and the “Big Hero 6” squad of inventors-turned-superheroes eventually save the day.

The V-Cell 6 is in fact my big hero: a hero that has superpowers I cannot possibly channel without its help. As I swing at the ball, the red and whites swirl together—I can pick my pace and targets just like in my old glory days. Sure, some of that is thanks to skills acquired over the years from intense coaching and being around the game; I’ve been playing tennis my entire life thanks to my tennis-obsessed family. But finding the right match in a racquet is still really, really important. The V-Cell 6 is what works for me today—other racquets in the V-Cell line would have been ideal for me years ago, and yet other V-Cell racquets will serve me well in the years to come.

There are some things in tennis that coaches and experts of the game say cannot be taught, such as possessing a full heart and true grit. No tennis racquet will solve for these concepts, but in my experience with Volkl racquets, they can get easier to achieve. The V-Cell 6 removes a lot of variables for me so I can focus on what’s important on the court.

In essence, Volkl Tennis is saving the game by maintaining a line of racquets that serve as superheroes. The racquets, strings and equipment are the extension of us players just looking to be on-court and have a good time playing the sport we all love. For those who haven’t explored the V-Cell line, there’s a whole lot of magic to be discovered. Go pick a Volkl stick!