Reigning 'Miss Croatia Sport' champ reflects on budding career

Reigning 'Miss Croatia Sport' champ reflects on budding career

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Croatian tennis star Borna Mohac has had a racquet in-hand ever since she was little, and the 21-year-old has been with Volkl Tennis for the past year.

“What attracted me to Volkl was uniqueness,” says Mohac, who knew she needed to switch racquets in order to recover more quickly from the injuries she suffered in her teens. “Not many players have been using [Volkl] yet as it is new to them still, and I decided to try it.”

Now armed with the V-Cell 8, the south paw competitor says it’s the first time in her career that a racquet fits perfectly with her style.

“The feeling in my arm when hitting the ball is just perfect,” Mohac says. “It just amazes me!”

Tennis has offered Mohac countless opportunities that she says would never have happened if it weren’t for the sport: new travel experiences, life lessons, learning how to deal with stress during matches (and afterwards depending on the result), becoming more mature, making friends and learning the importance of being honest; these are just some of the many useful skills she’s honed while on the road as one of Croatia’s top competitors.

“I was always the top-ranked in the country and it has taught me a way of life – do it right or don’t do it at all,” says Mohac on her philosophy toward tennis that also carries over into her daily life, which now includes coaching the next group of up-and-coming players from her home country. “I’m educating myself in that part of my life too, and hopefully I can share some of my knowledge to younger generations and keep moving forward."

Outside of tennis, Mohac has a strong interest in fashion, modeling and being a global ambassador through the sport she knows and loves. Just last year, she won the coveted “Miss Croatia Sport” title after having fallen short of winning it two years prior. 

“I felt confident, and I had a feeling in my stomach that this is it! I made sure my tennis talent show was perfect and with the help of my friends and Volkl equipment, I made it happen,” Mohac says. “This proves that you can accomplish anything you imagine and you just have to work for it!”

It’s clear that between coaching tennis, competing at a high level herself, and her tennis-inspired interests off the court, Mohac has her hands full; but regardless of all of her success, she always remembers her roots.

“I would not be able to be so successful if it weren’t for tennis,” Mohac says. “Tennis is a way of life for me and it always will be; my advice for everyone is to keep playing, enjoying, and to choose the right equipment – like I did!”