The rock behind Shelter Rock Tennis & Country Club’s programs

The rock behind Shelter Rock Tennis & Country Club’s programs

Shelter Rock Tennis Club’s Head Pro Robin Deitch-Nogrady has been committed to bringing members of the renowned Long Island Club a well-rounded tennis experience for the past 30 years and counting. This stems from her fiery drive honed as a junior tennis player, putting in countless hours of training that eventually landed her a top spot on the boy’s varsity tennis team. 

“I was so driven just to play all of the time,” says the former top junior player and South Carolina tennis standout who also competed on the WTA tour in the ‘90s. 

As the only girl on Lynbrook’s high school boy’s team, she played the number two singles position on the squad; this was acceptable for the former No. 1 Eastern junior because the player in the top spot was her own brother. Together, they were like ‘fire and ice’, adding equal amounts of winning luster plus sportsmanship to the team. 

Deitch-Nogrady (who currently plays with the V-Cell 8 315g) wound up being a part of the Shelter Rock team because of her own family’s devotion to her future and her own determination of breaking into the tennis industry.

After rounding out a stellar collegiate tennis career while on scholarship at the University of South Carolina (a top ten NCAA Division 1 school at the time), Robin gladly accepted a position at Shelter Rock which eventually led to her becoming the head pro there.

Ever since she walked onto the grounds of the Manhasset-based club for the first time 30 years ago, she’s gone above and beyond for the members whom she now views as extended family. 

“It’s my home away from home,” says the Volkl VIP of 20-plus years. “I feel like I’ve met some amazing people here, and they want to get a little better on the court [each day].”

A vital member of Volkl’s VIP team, Robin is a strong believer in Volkl, its role in the tennis world and the quality of products offered in all of the lines.

“I really do love the frames as Volkl has racquets for everyone,” says Robin, whose husband Dean is a fellow tennis teaching professional on Long Island and the son of Eastern Hall of Fame inductee John Nogrady. “There are so many different frames to choose from, and it seems that there is something for everyone.”