Volkl Tennis grows in popularity in Westchester

Volkl Tennis grows in popularity in Westchester

Tennis is regarded by many as the sport of a lifetime, and for Karen Moriarty of The Tennis Professionals, she’s treating it as such and more.

Karen Moriarty has been at the helm of The Tennis Professionals’ locations in Westchester County for more than 30 years – and she has no plans of slowing down with her tennis-centric business endeavors at any point soon. In her time as leader of the popular sporting good shops, she’s amassed a significant following from tennis players of all different playing backgrounds – many of whom have become a part of not just the Tennis Professionals family, but also of the Volkl family. Moriarty says the popularity of Volkl Tennis has skyrocketed in her stores over the years, and that regardless of how someone plays on the court, there’s going to be a Volkl racquet that works for them.

“All of a sudden, Volkl has blown up and become basically the racquet company,” says Moriarty of Volkl tennis. “There’s one for everybody from the beginner to the elite player.”

Rob Ferrante, a former elite junior player with Volkl for many years and a current Volkl VIP player himself, oversees the tennis programming at the Westchester Tennis Center. After his students were introduced to Volkl racquets for the first time at one of his winter camps, they expressed extreme interest in switching from their former racquets. This comes as no surprise to Moriarty as Volkl racquets stand out from the competition for numerous reasons in her book.

“It’s great because they’re the most cushioned, comfortable racquets that I can hand to somebody,” says Moriarty on the frequent requests to demo Volkls from both Juniors and Adults. “You want to be able to give them a weapon that they can use and grow with; and not outgrow, which is the nice thing about a Volkl racquet – it’s built so well.”

What differentiates Volkl from its competition, Moriarty says, is that: “People get addicted to Volkl racquets; once they buy a Volkl racquet, they generally will just stay with the brand.”