Vostra line hints at its rich history, debuting just in time for the holidays!

Vostra line hints at its rich history, debuting just in time for the holidays!

Celebrating Volkl's 100 years of consistent innovation within the sports industry Reading Vostra line hints at its rich history, debuting just in time for the holidays! 3 minutes

Vostra directly translates to “yours,” hinting at the fact that something belongs to you and only you in the context of gift-giving since it is that time of year after all.

In the context of Volkl's evolution as a brand, the newly launched "Vostra" line of racquets pays homage to the initial name of the brand which came about by combining the first few letters in the city Straubing (the birthplace of Volkl) with Volkl.

Following in the footsteps of a century of spectacular innovation, Volkl Tennis’ new “Vostra” line feels like each racquet is tailored specifically for each player based on their unique style of play. The racquet line’s title also possesses historical significance, with the ski company going by this very name for the first 40 years in existence prior to being rebranded as “Volkl.”

The new line pays homage to Volkl’s 100 years on the map as a leading sports manufacturer of ski equipment and later venturing into tennis, revisiting the past with the aesthetics as well as bringing back the name to consumers.

The new line of racquets come equipped with the red cell technology, a combination of the V-Cell carbon fiber and REVA tech which assists with dampening vibrations in the handle of these racquets. There’s an aesthetic overlap with the EVO sticks released last year given the recurring zebra stripes. On the other hand, the Vostra line distinguishes itself with the unique combination of cutting-edge technology and bright colors bound to take the tennis industry by storm this holiday season.

Recently and prior to the launch, Vostra racquets have been featured in an in-depth Forbes article that also features an exclusive interview with Volkl Tennis’ CEO, Sean Frost. Read more about the Vostra line in the Forbes article entitled "Volkl Upgrades Racket Feel with New Vostra Lineup."

Upon the line’s release, Volkl Tennis subscribers will be notified via email with links to racquets available for online purchases. For those interested in trying out sticks before committing, there’s always the option of testing a demo from a local pro shop. It goes without saying that now is an ideal time to consider adding another Volkl racquet into your arsenal of sticks, or to become a first-time user. Once you start playing with a Volkl racquet, whether it’s from the Vostra line or others within the family, there’s no looking back.

Volkl also would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone reading this a very Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. See you on court with a Volkl racquet in-hand!