Volkl Tennis Honored By German Tennis Journal as the 
2016 Racket Test WINNER!
" The fantastic Control, together with a gun Shot of extra Power makes the Volkl Tennis Super G 10 Mid the TESTWINNER "
Modern Classic Frames
Thiner Frames with smaller head size's are not leading the market, however Pro Players love them and the better they are, the more they love them. Half of the Top 20 Players ATP use frames like this ..we call them the modern classic frames. The Völkl Super G 10 Mid is not played by the Top 20 Players .. rather our Test Team was excited and all of them loved it. In comparison to the others, the Völkl Racket has a bit more "extra Power" without loosing the control. Normaly, as in the last seven years , the Head Graphene XT Prestige MP should be the
favorite, especially for all those Prestige Fans in the market ... at least the Völkl Racket has this extra note.