V-Cell 10 320g
V-Cell 10 320g
V-Cell 10 320g
V-Cell 10 320g
V-Cell 10 320g


V-Cell 10 320g

Sale price$ 229.99 USD
Grip Size:1 = 4 1/8

V-Cell 10 320

The ALL NEW V-Cell 10 320g is a twist on Volkl’s legendary thin beam traditional players racquets featuring a beam shaped and designed for enhanced power and spin. The Sensor Handle and VTEX butt cap make the V-Cell 10 320g as comfortable as it is precise.

The V-Cell 10 320g uses more V-Cell material, REVA and Super Grommets. It weighs 320g / 11.3oz, has a 630cm2 / 98in2 head, 20.5-22.5-20.5mm tapered beam with a 68.5cm / 27in length and a 31.5cm / 1.1in head light balance. It has a 16x19 string pattern.

The V-Cell 10 320g is exactly what players expect in a Volkl 10 series racquet; great power from the newly designed Super Grommets with Big Grommet tech, spin potential and uncompromising control of a Volkl 10 series racquet. From blocking big serves into play and knifing a slice backhand into the corner to hitting a powerful topspin drive to push your opponent back, the V-Cell 10 320g is an extremely stable lethal weapon for strong and experienced players.* 


*Racket comes unstrung.

Style # V10111




Head Size

630cm² | 98in²

Cross Section



320g | 11.3oz


68.5cm | 27in


31.5cm | 1.1in HL

String Pattern

16x19 PCP

String Tension

25(±2)kg | 55(±5)lbs






Super Grommet

Precise Power


V-Cell 10 320g
V-Cell 10 320g
Sale price$ 229.99
Cyclone Sets 17g
Cyclone Sets 17g
Sale price$ 8.99
Sale price$ 8.99
In the words of my tennis pro, this racket took my game from a 4.5 to 5.0.The V-Cell 10 is a masterpiece. It’s the most comfortable, natural, responsive, racket I have everplayed with. I’ve hit shots with this racket that I could have never achieved before.Not only does this racket offer the perfect balance of power, responsiveness and feel, it’s purejoy to play with.I was married to my old-school Prince Diablo for 15 years, loving the soft feel and control, andconvinced I had plenty of power and didn’t need any shiny, new technology. Until my friendconvinced me to try the brand-new V-Cell 10 (320). From the outset I was amazed at hownatural and responsive it felt, as if I had been playing with it for years. In what seemed like theperfect combination of balance, weight, power and feel, the V-Cell 10 immediately improvedmy game and allowed me to hit shots that I’ve never hit before. Passing shots while slidingbackwards twelve feet off the baseline… Withstanding deep, heavy shots to my one-handedbackhand. And somewhat surprisingly, the most effective improvement came when this racketallowed me to hit defensive shots deep enough into the court in order to keep the point going. All in all, this racket made a huge difference to my game, and I can’t imagine playing withanything else.

Mark T.